Insights Dr

Insights DR (IDR) provides strategic business consultancy services to help companies improve their performance.

IDR provides simple, effective and action-orientated services, that can be tailored to any level within a business – from the CEO’s summary overview, to the Insights Manager’s raw data analysis, and anywhere in between. IDR aims to improve core KPI’s within a business, identify hidden business risks, discover new profitable business opportunities, and help guide business decisions based on the most effective data, insights, analysis, and strategies.

Analysis is guided by the scope and specific brief for each project, then a range of different commercially and academically robust methodologies are deployed, from a myriad of data sources in order to achieve the requested deliverables. Insights are discovered through the analysis of market relevant, on trend, and reliable data sources. Strategies are produced collaboratively and transparently with the client, through understanding the business needs, objectives, and provide recommended actions to help drive business performance.

IDR business consultancy services will simplify the complex, translate analysis into meaning, and turn insights into action.



Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person:

    Glen Waverley VIC 3150
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