Insights Exchange

Market research done, easily and cost effectively

Insights Exchange is your global business intelligence partner. With our network of on demand research and data analysts, we have the expertise and knowledge to deliver targeted and relevant first party data to help you understand your customers and their needs.

We have created the most efficient and cost-effective research process, all managed under one contract and one platform.

Need to test a new product in the US? 

Want to understand market trends for your service in Asia? 

Does your business need to track customer satisfaction to understand your current and future customers better?

Insights Exchange has developed a way to make research available for start-ups, small and medium size enterprises at a cost that might surprise you. Utilising the professional gig economy model, we give businesses access to consumer insights in a cost effective way through our Australasian-first platform.

How we can help:

  • Understand your competitive advantage and increase market share
  • Test and Validate  Ideas: Product Extension, Loyalty Offer or Acquisition Marketing Campaign
  • Tracking Customer Retention and Drivers of Churn
  • Sizing your target market opportunity
Brands we have worked with include - Panasonic, Xero, Bendon, TCL, JB Hi-Fi, Boost, Walt Disney, ESPN.

Getting real, first party data - it’s the key to making confident decisions



Location and contact

  • Contact person:
    Phone: +61424667648

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