iSPY Brand Research & Strategy


We’re here to give every client 110% focus.

As an independent & tight team of experienced professionals we believe every client, no matter their size deserves specialist understanding, honest advice and personal guidance regarding their brand, positioning and communication.


We’re for those who believe consumer understanding is the key to building brand value; those who see the value in strategies grounded in objective insight not guesswork, and those who’re curious, thoughtful and looking for a competitive edge. Most of all we’re here to help create brand value that’ll pay dividends for your business.


Like it or not everything a brand does counts as brand communication, so everything must be carefully choreographed to build a positive, aspirational image in consumers’ minds. A brand is the sum of a number of parts; experiences, conversations, reputation and advertising . It is the RESIDUAL effect of what you DO and SAY.
For brands to be worth positive talk they must relate to a consumer aspiration AND provide unique inspiration.

Consumer Aspiration
What I want to be, do, have,
Or belong to.
Determined through
Qualitative Research
Brand Inspiration

Brand Creation & Positioning
The Brand Story
Determined through
Workshop process.



Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person: Tania Farrelly
    Phone: 0421280165

    Melbourne VIC 3000
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