Jackie Duke Insights (JDI Research)

Creating new and unexpected combinations of insights

JDI is a consumer-centric research and insights consultancy. By creating a rich and complex web of conversations with your market we inform and assist businesses in developing brand and marketing strategies.

Consistently challenging our thinking to produce actionable outcomes grounded in commercial reality

Our researchers:

Are highly qualified with an eclectic mix of skills including psychology, business management, marketing and strategy
Have years of experience conversing with consumers and entering their worlds, in-home, in-store and virtually
Believe in the power of storytelling and bringing the consumer into the boardroom
Empower stakeholders by bringing them face-to-face with consumers in-situ enabling dialogue
Expertise across a range of industries and company sizes including FMCG, automotive, healthcare, retail, financial and services

Exploratory studies: Needs, motivational, behavioural, usage and attitudes
Product and packaging innovation: Ideation, concept development and optimisation
Branding, advertising and communications: Concept testing, brand health, brand positioning and strategy development
Shopper behaviour studies: Retail and market strategy, customer experience and satisfaction
Automotive / product clinics
Website / software development and evaluation
Manage and execute multi-country projects
Research is conducted in compliance with ISO 20252


Website: http://www.jdinsights.com.au

Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person: Jackie Duke
    Phone: 0395230096
    Email: contact@jdinsights.com.au

    L1 402 Glenhuntly Rd
    Elsternwick VIC 3185
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