J&S Research

Quality market research, when and where you need it

J and S Research stands for reliable market research recruitment. We’ve been carrying out quality market research to the highest industry standards since 1978, giving us the experience to deliver you meaningful insight into your target market.

There’s a reason we’ve successfully completed a range of challenging projects. We’re committed to finding the best recruits and those recruits are confirmed and screened at least twice before each focus group or depth interview.

Our experience

J and S Research’s principal, Jan Austin, has been on the MRQA committee, AMSRS committee and is a past chairperson of the Qualitative Recruiters Group.

That experience, coupled with the many more combined years of recruitment experience within our teams, gives us the edge over our competitors. That, and our access to many panels for a large database pool throughout Australia.

Our Services

We promise a quick turn around and act as a one stop shop for qualitative market research. Some of our areas of expertise are:

Consumer: We keep the respondents on our database continually updated and can recruit for any size project.
Business: Our specialist teams come from business backgrounds, allowing them to communicate knowledgeably and confidently with respondents from any management level.
Healthcare: We’re specialists in the recruitment of medical professionals and are comfortable working across the spread of healthcare specialties and related industries.
Multicultural: Many of our recruiters are bilingual, giving us the edge in recruiting respondents from a wide breadth of CALD backgrounds.
Client lists: Our specialist recruiters have been trained in the art of cold calling and will represent your brand, professionally and confidently.
Affinity groups: We can recruit affinity groups in most areas, many of which are used by our clients on an ongoing basis.


Website: http://jandsresearch.com.au

Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Kristy Pollard, Craig Hobson
    Phone: 1300991411
    Email: info@jandsresearch.com.au

    L1 222 Clarence St
    Sydney NSW 2000
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