JB Market Research Services

Welcome to JB Market Research Services focus group facilities with locations in South Melbourne and Coburg.

When it comes to Market Research facilities, there are facilities and then there is JB Market Research Services. We aim to deliver the perfect experience all the time, every time – for you, the client and the respondents.

JB Market Research Services has two boutique facilities which are both comfortable and efficiently run with high attention to detail. Our hospitality service is unequaled within Australia. This is why we have a loyal following of Market Research companies and clients nationally and internationally. We take on ownership of the project with you to ensure its success.

From the moment you make an enquiry we take the pressure off the researcher.

We confirm in writing all details of your booking to ensure all your pre determined needs are met.
You will be met by our attentive hosts on arrival, meeting and greeting the clients and respondents and ensuring that they comfortable.
Respondents will be signed in and name tags provided, as required.
Groups and IDIs are recorded in digital format onto USB for easy management.
Audio files can be uploaded by us for transcription, if required.
Renowned for our first class catering, we ensure that the food presentation is as important as its quality for clients and respondents.
And lastly, the difficult requests we do immediately. The impossible ones take a little longer.
For International clients we also provide a one stop shop where we project manage the Australian leg of your project. JB Market Research Services aligns itself with the best in their fields within Australia. If your project requires a qualitative approach, we have the perfect fit for the task at hand and will ensure timely communication to ensure your project runs smoothly and to schedule.


Website: http://www.jbmarketresearch.com.au

Locations and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person: Maureen McCunnie
    Phone: 0416034025
    Email: mail@jbmarketresearch.com.au

    236 Clarendon St
    South Melbourne VIC 3205
  • VIC

    Contact person: Maureen McCunnie
    Phone: 0416034025
    Email: mail@jbmarketresearch.com.au

    9 Glencairn Ave
    Coburg VIC 3058
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