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Everyone has a story...

Some say that Australia is a nation of immigrants; people arriving here with little luggage but with huge dreams and aspirations...arriving here with a strong desire to take an active role in nation building as citizens, workers, parents, students, neighbours…

Australia's story is one of great cultural diversity and at JM&A, we work with government, community and business to find ways to make cultural diversity a driver for social cohesion and innovative business practices.

So, what's your story? Do you provide culturally appropriate services? Do your strategies reach everyone? Do you want to broaden your cultural understanding? Your client base?


Cross cultural training
We work with you to create interactive and thought provoking cross cultural training and cultural competence training - including on-line, self paced learning and face-to-face options.


We can help you deliver culturally competent services. We identify gaps in service delivery and work with you to develop culturally inclusive policies and strategic plans for all business areas.


Our research department can help you:

Formulate culturally inclusive policies and programs
Create successful in-language campaigns
Evaluate program outcomes
Find information through targeted literature reviews

Using strong research based methodologies, we can help you deliver culturally competent communication campaigns across all business and service areas.


Website: http://www.jm-a.com.au

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    Phone: 0396714788
    Email: beatriz@jm-a.com.au

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