Julie Dang & Associates

Julie Dang & Associates has been active since 1998, its focus being on providing clients with a clear direction forward for building, retaining and leveraging brand stickiness.

That means:

Understanding what is driving the customer picture that big data is delivering:
Customer insight, advocacy and market immersion.

Identifying brand equity and distilling the brand proposition that drives consumer stickiness:
Brand architecture and brand leverage potential.

Understanding the customer journey, identifying key decision and activation points along the way:
Path to purchase and channel strategy.

Distilling the brand message that drives customer activation:
Comms development and evaluation.

Ongoing monitoring and measuring of brand stickiness:
Brand health monitoring.

Strategy implementation to drive ROI:
Business implementation.

It’s a principal centric business; only principals work on your business.
We bring a wealth of experience, built over many markets, with many successes.



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Julie Dang
    Phone: 0293285515
    Email: juliedang@dang.com.au

    SE1, 2 New McLean St
    Edgecliff NSW 2027
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