Jump the Fence

We uncover fresh insight and deliver breakthrough strategy to help you overcome business hurdles.
Our humanistic approach is the difference between looking at a person and seeing through their eyes.

We use human-centred approaches and semiotic tools to uncover cultural shifts, assess market potential and drive innovation.

Our innovation programs promote both radical and incremental innovation. We identify new culture patterns and unmet needs to develop blue-ocean opportunity through breakthrough ideas. We explore how brands can expand into existing niches to maximise competitive advantage.

We tailor a range of progressive research methods to bring a fresh approach to every project.

Our custom methodologies coupled with deep business thinking cut to the heart of the issues. Our strategic analysis reveals strengths and weaknesses of the ways forward.

We use deep strategic thinking to clearly define business opportunities.

Whilst our creative research produces the raw material, it's our business thinking that puts it all together, lays out alternatives, allowing everyone to stand back and see the issues in perspective.

We are a team of highly experienced researchers and strategists with a collaborative working style to provide a complete, humanistic research approach.

Jump the fence combines qualitative and innovation specialist Charlie Cochrane Research and Planning's proven track record with Australia's first ethnography provider Ethnography Australia plus the sophisticated quant capabilities of Pittwater Research to create a solutions focused agency brimming with ideas and a fresh perspective.


Website: http://www.jumpthefence.com

Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Charlie Cochrane
    Phone: 0242675770
    Email: charlie@jumpthefence.com

    48 Squires Cres
    Coledale NSW 2515
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