JWS Research

Independence delivers objective insights and clear results. JWS Research is an independent, privately owned research firm with experienced professionals who are truly passionate about delivering strategic advice based on insightful and timely research.

The senior research team at JWS has a collective experience that is trusted and relied upon by all tiers of Government, consultants and media alike to provide robust and accurate results.

We see research as more than an end in itself – for us it is a tool to gain valuable insights into the motivations and thinking of key stakeholders, the general public, voters and consumers. More importantly, we provide the thinking and advice for clients to take these insights and fully leverage them to meet the objectives and future opportunities for their business.

Through our regular public opinion polling and consumer research we stay across the latest insights into public opinion and importantly, know how and why issue landscapes are changing and the ways in which those changes are being influenced.

With an extensive reach that stretches the full spectrum of regional and urban Australia, we're able to deliver insights and understanding of many of the varying issues that affect metropolitan, regional and rural Australia.


Website: http://www.jwsresearch.com

Locations and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person: John Scales
    Phone: 0386858555
    Email: jscales@jwsresearch.com

    2/1343 Malvern Rd
    Malvern VIC 3144
  • NSW

    Contact person: John Scales
    Phone: 0290115312
    Email: jscales@jwsresearch.com

    SE5, 3/The Village, Riverside Corporate Park, 3 Julius Ave
    North Ryde NSW 2113
  • NT

    Contact person: John Scales
    Phone: 0889989612
    Email: jscales@jwsresearch.com

    Darwin NT 801
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