Kantar Retail

We are The Retail and Shopper Specialists. We help you sell more effectively and profitably.

We bring together a collection of retail and shopper assets — insights, tools, analytics and experienced consultants who think pragmatically while building and delivering integrated solutions.

Our passion is using the right combination of these assets to grow your business. Our teams create real-world solutions to deliver faster growth, and we plug in seamlessly as part of your extended team. We connect these solutions to your core work, embedding them so your organisation benefits systemically and continuously.

These solutions are aimed at your critical business decisions — how to best drive future growth, where to play, how to win and how to optimally allocate resources.

In turn, our solutions help you win the critical decisions made by shoppers and buyers along their purchase journey. Our specialised knowledge and expertise can be targeted towards specific business issues, while our integrated solutions transform businesses and generate breakthrough performance improvement.

We are part of Kantar, the data investment management division of WPP and one of the world’s leading insight, information and consultancy groups.

The company works with leading branded manufacturers and retailers to transform the purchase behaviour of consumers and shoppers through the use of retail and shopper insights, purchase data tools and analytics, consulting solutions and retail virtual reality services.


Website: http://www.kantarretail.com

Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Jason Mahoney
    Phone: 0411521112
    Email: Jason.Mahoney@kantarretail.com

    S105 53 The Corso
    Manley NSW 2095
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