KBX Research

KBX Research based in Sydney was recently formed by some of Australia’s most experienced researchers.

We offer both quantitative and qualitative studies on a local and international basis. With our knowledge and experience of, and in, the Australian, New Zealand, Asian and Pacific Islands markets, we can offer unique insights to help add value to your research project.

We also specialise in undertaking fieldwork, analysis and reporting for companies that do not have resources in Asia Pacific countries. Our extensive experience in coordinating multi country studies throughout the region provides invaluable expertise for organisations that do not have researchers locally.

We take pride in a personal approach with accountability. One of the business owners will manage each project and will be the single point of contact during the life of the study.


Website: http://www.kbxresearch.com.au

Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Liz Knox
    Phone: 0299290122
    Email: enquiries@KBXResearch.com.au

    SE2, 38 Hipwood St
    North Sydney NSW 2060
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