Kerryn Alexander Research

Kerryn Alexander Research conducts marketing and social research and provides research consultancy and project management services. We work closely with a small number of clients to provide a personalised and tailored service.

Our aim is to fully understand our clients, including the nature of their business and the outcomes for which research will be used. We have experience and expertise in both research supplier and research buying roles (policy, strategy and marketing). Our background, together with our close working relationship with clients, allows us to design research methodologies which specifically address our clients’ business needs and provide strategic, actionable outcomes.

Kerryn Alexander personally works on the design, implementation and reporting of all projects and is the contact for all client liaison. We access our network of other experienced research professionals to broaden our capacity as required.

Kerryn Alexander Research brings together Kerryn’s skills and experience and the capabilities of our research partners to provide full-service qualitative and quantitative research solutions.

• Identifying and understanding opinions, attitudes and behaviour
• Understanding customer/client needs and requirements
• Evaluating service experiences
• Social issues research
• Social marketing strategy and evaluation
• Policy and programs design and evaluation
• Brand development
• Project management

Areas of expertise and interest
• Road safety and transport, young drivers, motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians
• Outdoor activities and recreation
• Health promotion and wellbeing, drug and alcohol issues, women’s health
• Financial services, superannuation, investments and insurance
• Policing and Justice



Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person: Kerryn Alexander
    Phone: 0418998624

    Clifton Hill VIC 3068
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