Kleffmann Group

Your Global Agricultural Insight Provider
With 25 years of experience, Kleffmann Group is the leading provider of agricultural market research services. As a full service research agency, we are able to provide our clients with key information on multiple agricultural sectors:

Crop Protection
Ag Machinery
Livestock & Animal Health
Professional Gardening

From over 200,000 interviews per year with farmers and agricultural experts worldwide, we draw up-to-date market knowledge allowing us to offer fast and flexible services with deep insights for both local and global decision makers.

Via our amis® panel surveys, we obtain farmer-based information for all major crops worldwide - covering seed as well as crop protection inputs. amis® is comprised of both quantitative and qualitative data and allows our clients to truly understand farmers' purchasing behavior.

Moreover, Kleffmann Group provides a broad portfolio of customized AdHoc research solutions. With competence and expertise in all agricultural sectors we are able to provide insights to our clients that help empower them to achieve the full potential of their business on local and international levels.

Founded by Burkhard Kleffmann in 1990, Kleffmann Group started off conducting their first panel surveys about seed and crop protection in Germany. Just a few years later the company entered the first foreign markets, and has since built a strong position in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Australia and the Americas. Over the past 25 years Kleffmann Group has become the global leading expert in agricultural market research, delivering profound agricultural market insights to clients. With an international network of 18 of it's own subsidiaries as well as business partners worldwide, Kleffmann Group is able to operate in more than 70 countries across the globe.

Vision, Mission, Values
At Kleffmann Group it is our VISION, to be the global reference on providing innovative Agribusiness solutions.

According to our claim “More than facts” we understand it as our MISSION, to not only deliver facts but to translate data into reliable, customized client solutions based on independent expertise.

Our VALUES constitute the framework of our corporate actions. These standards describe what Kleffmann Group stands for, how we work and how we perceive our role in partnerships and in society.


Website: https://www.kleffmann.com

Location and contact

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    Contact person:
    Phone: 0395564111
    Email: edith.printz@kleffmann.com

    S6 342 South Rd
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