koji is an Australian-owned market research and consulting agency focused on helping clients understand their shoppers and the retail landscape. We deliver bespoke consulting and develop new research products using the latest technology.

Bespoke Consulting

Tailored ad-hoc quantitative, qualitative and mixed-method research designed to solve any kind of shopper business problem you want to throw at us.

Ready-to-use Products

Easy-to-launch, innovative products and approaches, including the definitive guide to Australian and New Zealand liquor shoppers, observation via in-store video cameras and quick product feedback.

Technology Focus

Part of koji’s mission is to create exciting new approaches that use technology to evolve shopper research and the shopper industry. Have something completely new you would like to pilot? We can help with that.


Website: http://www.koji-mr.com

Locations and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0282799244
    Email: info@koji-mr.com

    L4 300 George St
    Sydney NSW 2000
  • VIC

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0390346949
    Email: info@koji-mr.com

    S203 L2 50 Market St
    Melbourne VIC 3000
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