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Our Story Kookaburra Consulting is an independent organisation with a broad range of skills and a network which spans much of Australia.

Kookaburra Consulting is able to connect with with individuals, families, groups and communities, enabling respectful and appropriate communications for a wide variety of activities including community engagement and consultation, research and evaluation, community development, capacity development and strategic planning. ships.jpeg Desleigh's Story Desleigh Dunnett, founder and General Manager, has been living in the Northern Territory since moving from North Queensland in 1995. A qualified horticulturist, Desleigh worked in the nursery and landscaping industry before taking a position with Charles Darwin University as a Remote Area Lecturer with the Horticulture and Conservation Land Management school in 2002. Desleigh has delivered Vocational Education Training in over 20 communities, primarily across the Top End and more recently in the Central communities.

Desleigh has also undertaken other roles working in Indigenous Communities with Mission Australia, as an Employment consultant and with Darwin Regional Indigenous Advancement & CDEP as a Community Development Officer.

Desleigh became involved in social research in 2007 and has continued to develop skills in Participatory Action Research (PAR), Rapid Rural Appraisal (RRA) and Behaviour Change methodologies.


Website: http://www.kookaburraconsulting.com

Location and contact

  • NT

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0487896685
    Email: kookaburraconsulting@gmail.com

    Humpty Doo NT 836
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