KREAB Research

KREAB Research is a specialist market and social research firm with particular expertise in corporate, financial and issues projects.

We focus on projects related to:

Stakeholder perceptions
Financial transactions and shareholder attitudes
Issues management
Corporate positioning
Transport and infrastructure
Sustainability and behaviour change
Social issues
Communications strategies, concepts and materials
Our unique mix of experience as researchers, research buyers and communications consultants means we translate research findings into real-world strategies. We deliver quality research with speed. Being campaign focussed, we don’t just tell clients what people think, we explore what’s driving opinion and the most effective ways of influencing knowledge, attitudes and behaviour.

KREAB Research has offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. It is a member of the Association of Market and Social Research Organisations (AMSRO) and is ISO20252 accredited. It is a division of KREAB, advisers on corporate, financial and public affairs worldwide.



Locations and contact

  • ACT

    Contact person: Damon Jalili
    Phone: 0261245112

    Ground Floor - Minter Ellison Building, 25 National Cct
    Forrest ACT 2603
  • NSW

    Contact person: Pete Wilson
    Phone: 0295528931

    L4, 151 Macquarie St
    Sydney NSW 2000
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