L'Estrange Research Pty Ltd

L'Estrange Research is an independent, Australian-owned market research consultancy which was established in Sydney in 1988. Our focus is on the appropriate, strategic and timely application of research tools and market information to help clients solve their business problems, in their efforts to achieve and sustain competitive market advantage.



We specialise in devising and conducting customised studies to address clients' specific and individual needs, as distinct from "off-the-hook" products and services.


As part of this process we make a concerted effort upfront to understand your business, the industry in which it competes, and your business goals. It is only through "knowing our client", and knowing how clients are going to use the information, that we believe the research will be appropriately structured, leading to findings which can then be used effectively and efficiently.


We draw on a range of qualitative and quantitative research techniques and processes such as focus groups, mini-groups, in-depth interviews, paired-depth interviews, online research, facilitated workshops, phone interviews, face-to-face interviews, mystery shopper, and accompanied shop exercises. In order to maximise compliance from our prospective research participants, and thus maximise the quality of the research output, we "fish where the fish are", and go to them, rather than expecting them to always come to us. For example, we've interviewed passengers on planes, taken car drivers to petrol stations, taken classical music enthusiasts to concerts at the Sydney and Melbourne Opera Houses, and we've interviewed sunscreen users at the beach.


Eight is a communications team that focuses on helping organizations and their people lift their energy, performance, and confidence levels by challenging their thinking, their assumptions, and the ways in which they perceive themselves and their lives at home, at work. Eight is differentiated from other learning programs by its judicious use of research insights to help frame the forums and workshops. Your forum leaders are Amanda L'Estrange and Richard Sauerman.


Website: http://www.lestrangeresearch.com

Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Amanda L'Estrange
    Phone: 0293638988
    Email: amanda@lestrangeresearch.com

    SE5, 442 New South Head Rd
    Double Bay NSW 2028
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