Lighthouse Data Collection

Lighthouse Data Collection Pty Ltd is an independent data collection company formed in 2002 and managed by two directors who bring a combined market research experience of over 30 years to the business. The directors are market research experts and have held senior positions with various companies and previously worked together for 5 years in key strategic management roles prior to forming Lighthouse Data Collection.
The team at Lighthouse Data Collection are passionate about data collection and formed Lighthouse Data Collection to be 'hands on' in establishing and carrying out the logistics of fieldwork and data processing. Being a smaller company whose soul focus is conducting high quality data capture; the directors are always at the 'coal face' of interviewing and provide immediate feedback and our time and resources will be devoted to actually managing the entire research process.
Lighthouse Data Collection provide a full range of Market Research data collection, data processing and project management solutions.
A primary methodological focus of the company is Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) using 30 custom built terminals. Lighthouse Data Collection chooses to use Surveycraft to conduct the interviewing, as this is the most stable and well recognized method of CATI interviewing.
The data processing services offered by Lighthouse Data Collection are highly comprehensive and include: Surveycraft, SPSS, Access, Visual Basic, Excel, cross tabulations, ASCII, charting, significance testing, weighting, regression analysis and segmentation. Lighthouse Data Collection can tailor individual and automated reporting in Excel, Access and Word.



Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person: Douglas Aberdour, Kristina Ditchfield
    Phone: 0388780000

    L1, 232 Whitehorse Rd
    Blackburn VIC 3130
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