Longjump Marketing

Driven by enduring insights, we have an unrelenting desire to build great brands that offer real benefits for consumers and realise sustainable growth solutions for business. It’s all very well uncovering enduring insight about your market, but real competitive advantage comes to those who ask the hard questions and link the insights to growth. At Longjump, we do just that. With over 27 yrs in the industry, Owner & MD, Tristan Fahey brings a wealth of experience gained in both client-side and agency roles. As a consultant, she has managed projects across Australia, NZ, Asia & Europe bringing strategic & creative growth solutions to some of the world’s favourite brands.

We uncover the enduring insights that drive consumer behaviour HOW? Customer Experience Mapping, Full range of Consumer Research Methodologies

We help unlock the greatness in brands HOW? Brand Positioning, Brand Strategy, Communications Strategy, Innovation and NPD

We drive for real change that brings profitable growth HOW? Opportunity analysis, marketing & portfolio strategy, category strategy


Website: http://www.longjump.com.au

Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Tristan Fahey
    Phone: 0412583917

    Sydney NSW 2000
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