Luma Research

We are industry thought leaders.
Big on ideas. Big on innovation. Big on experience.
We love what we do! We pride ourselves on thinking smarter, and utilising innovative technologies to deliver insights faster, better and cheaper. Despite our BIG experience, we are agile & flexible. We design our research approach to meet your objectives, delivering the best insights and direction to help you achieve success.

We have a huge database of ads at our fingertips. We know what makes great advertising in this changing media environment. We use our knowledge and experience to advise clients in over 50 countries about their brands and their media.

Sally Joubert - CEO
Sally founded Luma over 20 years ago. Over that time she has consulted with top brands on their advertising.

Georgia Phillips - Client Services Director
Georgia knows how to make good advertising! With over 15 years experience working with the world's top brands, Georgia is an 'expert'.



Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0395336911

    L1/53 Coppin St
    Richmond VIC 3121
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