Lynnette Griffiths Market Research Services

I am a modern, up to date, boutique Market Research recruiting agency. Established in 1991, I have an extensively developed a respondent database throughout metropolitan and regional Australia. My recruiting is ONLY done in house from my independent internal database which is constantly expanding through referrals and social media networking.

It is my job to create the perfect market research session filled with fabulous people whom are matched perfectly to project requirements, full of ideas and eager to participate.

Our Market Research is conducted for clients who vary from major manufacturers, government organisations to advertising and marketing agencies.

Research sessions are conducted as:

Focus Groups
Indepth Interviews
Product Testing
Advertising Testing
Audience surveys
Large scale projects
Online projects

Each focus group or interview generally runs for up to 2 hours, depending on the research being conducted.

As an example, our research can be (but not limited to):

A clients advertising idea (either DVD or storyboards)
New packaging ideas
New product ideas
Testing of products
Discussion about public matters and news events
Discussion about public services such as health or transport
All feedback offered by our candidates is highly valued by the client, assisting them to further develop their product or campaign.

As each Research session is unique, the candidates for the focus groups are carefully selected to suit the requirements.

Payment details vary from project to project and are quoted upon invitation to each project. Generally payments range between $70 to up to $100 for 2 hrs.

Our sessions are always fun!

Refreshments & snacks are generally served at each session.

Whilst each research project has a different objective, Lynnette Griffiths Market Research Services pride ourselves to deliver the best outcome to our clients each time.

ALL recruitment is conducted through our office and is NOT outsourced to external contractors
Our respondents are screened by via a generic screener, then screened again to validate all answers
Our priority is to ensure a good ongoing network of people are recruited, guaranteeing fresh and vibrant respondents to attend our sessions
With our years of experience, Lynnette Griffiths Market Research Services have gained a reputable presence in the following industries:

Major department store chains
Major supermarket chains
Major food manufacturers
Alcohol and cigarettes manufacturers
Fashion labels and chains
Bookkeeping & software companies
Car & motorbike manufacturers
Radio and TV companies
Public transport, health & education providers
Leading whitegoods brands
Petcare companies
Real Estate companies



Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person: Lynnette Griffiths
    Phone: 0402039796

    Eden on the River Victoria St
    Abbotsford VIC 3067
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