Maidstone Consulting

Maidstone Consulting is an experienced boutique quantitative research agency that offers services tailored to meet the specific research needs of PR agencies. We understand that agencies and their clients are looking to maximise the reach and impact of their campaigns as cost effectively as possible. We provide engaging and robust insights that agencies can easily and confidently use to help cut through the noise in both traditional and non-traditional media. Maidstone Consulting has been commissioned by leading agencies such as Edelman and Mango Communications to support campaigns for brands including Telstra, KFC, Nivea, Streets, Kleenex, Poise, and Cenovis. Our track record demonstrates our success in uncovering those engaging gems that will help generate headlines and content to stand out from the crowd. Our services include: PROJECT SCOPING Maidstone Consulting can collaborate with agencies as early as the campaign brief development stage to ensure that research is directly aligned with campaign objectives and to minimise the risk of ‘so what’ statistics, thereby helping to increase campaign ROI. SURVEY AND METHODOLOGY DESIGN We are experts in crafting short and engaging surveys that uncover insights to highlight and reinforce branding and key messages. We also ensure that research methodology and sample quotas are designed to meet robust statistical requirements. RESEARCH MANAGEMENT Maidstone Consulting has significant experience working directly with respected fieldwork companies and will manage the entire research process from beginning to end, including fieldwork cost negotiations and time in field. Apart from survey sign-off, clients can confidently leave everything else to us and simply look forward to receiving the final report. DATA INSIGHTS AND ANALYSIS Maidstone Consulting knows how to transform pages of data tables into storytelling content. Agencies can immediately and easily incorporate insights into their releases with the confidence that the numbers are right and statistically robust. CONTENT WRITING, REPORTING, AND INFOGRAPHICS One of our core strengths is our ability to create interesting and visually appealing reports and infographics that can distributed directly to media and other stakeholders, further increasing campaign reach. ONGOING ADVISORY SUPPORT At no extra cost, Maidstone Consulting provides its clients a follow-up service to ensure that agencies have correctly interpreted and used our research insights in their media releases. We are also happy to answer any technical research questions from the media.



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Rosemary Butcher
    Phone: 0401547611

    Sydney NSW 2000
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