McGregor Tan Research

McGregor Tan Research is one of Australia’s longest established and more experienced full service social and market research agencies in the country, being first established in 1976 in Adelaide.

It remains the premier marketing and social research agency in South Australia with its head office there.

Today it is also a national company working in all capital cities and regional areas in Australia. It maintains its own in-house staff in all states and territories to service the national market.

McGregor Tan Research is a modern consumer and industrial market research company using the latest developments in market research best practices in the digital communication, as well as traditional market spaces.

It is unique in that it works directly with end clients, and increasingly for other research companies who make use the firm’s national recruiting and qualitative and quantitative research services.

The firm’s DNA is a mix of deep experience of qualitative and quantitative research, supported by advanced statistical analysis when needed.

Extensive centralised CATI facilities in one fully supervised location allow McGregor Tan Research to service the entire country, with complete quality control built into all stages of the fieldwork and data processing.

An integrated team of more than 100 dedicated staff and interviewers, coupled with proprietary large scale consumer and business online panels carefully built up over time means that virtually any sized online, face to face, CATI or CAPI project can be undertaken by McGregor Tan Research with confidence.

The company has worked in almost every industry, product and service sector and this general knowledge and experience is available to clients. Problems that clients may not have foreseen can often be identified early and resolved because of this experience.

Whatever the size or nature of a project, the commitment, at all times, is to achieve excellence.

The firm has a flexible, competitive fee pricing policy.

As a member of AMSRO who has been awarded the Trustmark, McGregor Tan Research adheres to the Market & Social Research Privacy Code, the AMSRS Code of Professional Behaviour and is accredited to the International Standard for Market, Opinion and Social Research certification (ISO 20252). You can access our privacy policy on the link below.



Location and contact

  • SA

    Contact person: Tom Hannon-Tan, David O'Dea
    Phone: 0884330200

    259 Glen Osmond Rd
    Frewville SA 5063
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