MediaMARK Australia

Founding Director MediaMARK Australia Pty Ltd. A consultancy specialising in in-depth analysis of broadcast ratings and the application of the data for improved ratings and subsequent revenue improvement.

Special emphasis on a disciplined market research approach to succesful consultation outcomes.

Chronological experience

Bachelor of Economics and Politics from Monash University.

Melbourne Radio 3AK, TV GTV 9 Traffic Manager Sales Analysis 1973 Victorian Manager and subsequently a Director of McNair Anderson Pty Ltd the Australian sole contractor for Radio and TV Diary surveys. Responsible for client liaison and sales and marketing 1976-1980

Marketing & Sales Director Fox FM 1980 Radio industry Joint Industry Committee on Radio Audience Research 1980-1988 National Marketing Manager Commercial Radio Industry body FARB-Radio Marketing Bureau.

AGB-McNair, Marketing Manager development of National media ad hoc sales research. 1984-1988

UK LBC London: strategy and research director. Also responsible for RFM network France Member UK Radio JICRAR 1989 –1991, also project work for Radio Sweden and major media assessment opportunity study in Hong Kong.

1992 Returned to Australia Appointed Melbourne Manager Frank Small & Associates Market Research Coy.

1993 Formed MediaMARK. In 2001 to 2002 was extensively involved in that tender design. 2002-2005 advisor to AirWorks media specialising in ambient media in retail environments In 2005 specialist consultant to Macquarie Regional Radioworks, the largest operator of radio stations in Australia.

Regular attendee of ESOMAR and ARF conferences most recently June 2004 and again in 2005. Fellow of the Australian Market and Social Research Society of Australia. Former Chairman of MRSA Victorian Division. Lecturer (part time) and course advisory board member RMIT Media Studies

Specialties:Expert in the design, implimentation and monitoring of Television and Radio audience Measurment. Broadcast Media sales and marketing- Radio and TV. Market Research. Media marketing. Single source channel planning.



Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person: Mark Newstead

    Melbourne VIC 3000
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