Metropolis Research

Metropolis Research Pty Ltd is a leading Melbourne based social research firm that has been providing quality research services to government and public sector organisations for over ten years.

We have extensive experience helping government and public sector organisations to understand their communities and helping them to improve client satisfaction with the services they provide.

We have an outstanding record of designing and managing public sector research projects as well as assisting organisations to use the results of research to improve performance and satisfaction. Our projects range from small issue-specific initiatives through to larger regional and Melbourne-wide initiatives. We have extensive bodies of work in the areas of

Environmental sustainability
Attitudinal and satisfaction research
Social infrastructure
Community planning
Community growth
Economic profiling

Our Values
To deliver what we promise
To provide the highest quality information and analysis
To be efficient, accessible, and approachable at all stages of the project
To listen and adapt to our client's needs
To provide value to our clients
To operate ethically in all aspects of our work



Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person: Dale Hubner
    Phone: 0392724600

    1st Fl 74 Victoria St
    Carlton VIC 3053
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