MevCorp Research and Strategy

MevCorp was founded by Mary-Ellen Vincent (Mev),
a researcher and strategist with more than 18 years experience helping businesses and policy decision-makers find solutions to their questions, via tailored and insightful research programs.
Mev has managed research operations for communications and research agencies, in Australia and New York. She's well versed in tackling research and strategy issues across a broad range of categories, including but not limited to, media/entertainment, financial services, home appliances, automotive, FMCG, telecommunications, social and government.

Mary-Ellen is a full member of the AMSRS and is QPMR accredited.

What does MevCorp do?

> Design - tailored, practical, affordable research project designs, and questionnaires that engage respondents

> Manage - efficient and effective management of projects to achieve the big three...on time, to budget, of high quality

> Mine - accurate mining, analysis and charting of datasets to arrive at clear and useful outputs

> Explore - open-ended qualitative discussions which get to the heart of the matter and unearth new insights

> Solve - connecting the 'dots' within the data to provide actionable insights that address key issues

> Express - thoughtfully crafted presentations and reports, in written and oral form, tailored to specific audiences



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Marie-Ellen Vincent
    Phone: 0414296911

    Sydney NSW 2000
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