Milan and Associates

Milan & Associates is a new research agency for quantitative research. Its focus is on advanced analytical applications with a competitive edge on innovation. It is located in Melbourne Australia, an academic centre of excellence in choice modelling research. Its scope extends internationally.

In Milan & Associates, the client asks the questions to be solved, the solution is customised to answering the questions, the methodology used will provide the most accurate answer and the client will always have hands-on control to the drivers.

In Milan & Associates, we do not use a black box approach which opens up the process to garbage in – garbage out. We control all aspects to the modelling process, ensuring quality output. We also employ innovative solutions to research issues which mainstream research avoid through applying assumptions e.g. fair share application to source of volume issue in choice modelling.

In Milan & Associates, charging reflects pricing of a boutique agency – high level of expertise at value based pricing with quality output, without the overheads.



Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0394320411

    Melbourne VIC 3000
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