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In 1981 Geoff Minter was Marketing Director of Lend Lease in Sydney (in the top 30 Australian companies after mining and finance organisations) when he decided to establish Minter Research a full service market research agency. As a registered psychologist and with a background in advertising (McCann Erickson) and market research with the Interpublic Group he switched to marketing with Cadbury-Schweppes and General Foods. These were senior marketing roles in global organisations, where market research played key roles in business and strategy development.

In the process, he worked in different marketing teams and won 4 national marketing awards for consumer goods strategies developed through comprehensive market research programs.

The move back to market research was based on a perceived need for establishing a market research
agency that understands how quality market research design can provide strategies to build business,
identify opportunities and add value to brands. This established market research relationships with major global clients including Microsoft, Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, Toshiba, Apple, Merrill Lynch HSBC, ninemsn, GE Commercial and SAP.

Minter Research also conducts Customer Satisfaction studies (through a division Customer Service Monitors) for organisations like Intel (over 45,000 Cussat interviews in Asia), Microsoft, Medicare, Federal Australian Government departments, Toshiba and other companies that recognise the value of customer satisfaction. From these studies we can develop strategies that identify opportunities and competitor vulnerabilities. Building the resources to strengthen customer satisfaction is costly and we can identify the level that suits
each organisation’s targets.

In the mid-90s we started to pioneer online market research and conducted what we believe was the first online political poll globally in February 1996. Despite our warnings to the client that the sample may be skewed because of low Internet use at that time, the results were surprisingly close to the end result in that national election.

Since then The Minter Group has built its service base of online research, especially into healthcare in
Australia and Asia, while continuing B2B and IT market research. Consumer, Healthcare and Business/IT panels have been built since 2003 in Australia and the Asian region with teams of native speaking
interviewers and recruiters. Technology growth continues to offer further opportunities for market
research and our team of consultants work on these developments.

We’ve established a professional team who:

• Gives a fast and flexible approach to quoting
• Provides responsive client service with dispo reports, updates, soft launching and after hours service
• Are specialists in recruiting, moderating, depth interviewing (TDIs or IDIs), CATI interviewing etc. Each
needs a different skill set from depth interviewers/moderators to CATI interviewers or consumer or client
satisfaction interviewers
• Transcribes, reports, translates
• Are experienced and well trained market researchers with strict quality control

Our business in data collection has now grown to the point where we’ve developed the Minterautoquotes system that provides fast and cost effective quotes for market research and data collection in APAC. Our
clients can enter the specifications (LOI, sample size, respondent criteria etc) and receive an immediate
quote for each methodology and scenario until it fits the budget. Until we have it available on the Web, just email your specifications for a Customer Satisfaction, Business/IT, Healthcare, CATI, consumer panels etc
and we’ll send our quote inside 24 hours including specific services such as translations, programming, reporting, audio recording etc.



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Annette Minter
    Phone: 0299795277

    SE1/1757 Pittwater Rd
    Mona Vale NSW 2103
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