Mobile Digital Insights (MDI)

Why mobile research?

Did you know? Currently, there are more mobile phones than toothbrushes in the world Currently, there are almost as many mobile-cellular subscriptions as people in the world In the last decade, the number of mobile subscribers in developed nations increased from 500 million to over 1.5 billion In developing nations, mobile service subscriptions increased from 250 million to over 4.5 billion In Australia 77% of mobile searches are in a location where people are likely to have a PC available to them… We believe mobile research is the way of the future. The mobile phone is the first truly personal mass medium. Its always with you, always on and always connected. Some key characteristics include: Permanently carried by its owner Facilitates constant connectivity The only means of in-the-moment measurement Allows image, video and sound byte capture People love using it to provide feedback The most convenient, representative data collection Captures the social context of consumer experiences Mobile delivers ‘in the moment’ information to improve accuracy, and captures the context of the consumption experience ‘while it is happening’, making mobile a more representative and accurate channel for research.

Our vision Market research is failing to meet the needs of marketing and insights in today’s mobile world We utilise mobile, digital and big data experts to challenge traditional market research thinking We source the best mobile research technology from around the world Our mobile offering works on all smartphone operating systems and feature (or dumb) phones Core strengths: Smartphone & feature phone capabilities Qualitative and quantitative measurement Latest software platform Mobile research expertise Big data analytics Online interactive reporting Community management expertise deliver better, faster and more cost effective marketing insights



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  • VIC

    Contact person: James Fergusson
    Phone: 0439 228 931

    300 St Kilda Rd
    St Kilda VIC 3182
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