If you put a computer scientist with a passion for enterprise architecture and elegant design, together with a research academic who finds implementation, human behavior and start up businesses fascinating, what would you get?

A Multiplicité.

Multiplicité leverages the collective talent, experience and insatiable curiosity of its digitally native directors, Mark and Dr Emily Verstege. It embodies our passion for technology and data driven, out of the box thinking.

Here’s what it’s like working with us.

Curiosity never killed the cat.
We’re driven by a passion to know how things tick and a pursuit to learn, iterate and make things better. We hungrily seek new information from everywhere we can: it helps us spot trends and make connections between divergent ideas. Our clients benefit from our breadth of insight and willingness to try new approaches.

Why before what.
To really succeed, you need to keep in mind why you’re in business. The what’s are your how-tos. We start by understanding your vision, goals and drivers and religiously ensure what we do reinforces it.

Driven by data, not hunches.
We trust our gut, but not blind faith. We make strategic decisions based on the data tells us. This allows us to make informed choices that work. We've been doing this our whole professional careers collecting and doing useful stuff with big datasets to develop business insights and to drive decision-making.

To excite and make fun.
The integrity of our work and our professional reputation are incredibly important to us, and we always take our work seriously. But we’re not serious: we’ve got a soft spot for the ridiculous, a fondness for irony and an eye for mischief.

The best results come from iterating fast.
We believe success is built on learning from mistakes. We’re always trying new things to see how they work. We use a Scrum agile approach and work in two-week sprints. This means we succeed (or fail) fast and you get rapid results.

90% of all enteprise organisations have some form of Enterprise Architecture.

70% failure rate in change management where substantial change is required for the enterprise to stay relevant.

5% the number of organisations that do Enterprise Architecture well.

Our team blends strategic thinkers, user-experience junkies, scientific nouse and analytics wizardry.



Location and contact

  • QLD

    Contact person: Dr Emily Verstege
    Phone: 0417619662

    Brisbane QLD 4000
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