NATION is an independent marketing and communications services agency with offices in Adelaide and Canberra.

Our promise is strategic creativity.

We differ from market research agencies because we not only undertake research; we translate research into insight, use insight to develop strategy, then create and produce communications that will connect with your audience and deliver sustainable success for your organisation. 

To achieve this outcome, we developed our own brand of holistic thinking - illumiNATION.

illumiNATION is our approach to creative problem solving. It’s how we produce meaningful work that works.

Research-driven learning and evidence-based strategy informing creative expression, this is how we apply the guiding principles of illumiNATION and achieve strategic creativity. 

Without strategic creativity your ideas, stories, branding, content, and experiences will be aesthetically pleasing but not effective; intriguing but not engaging; watchable but not shareable. 

We think holistically about our clients’ businesses and can apply our principles of creative problem solving across all areas of your organisation, particularly your identity, culture and reputation. These are the three key areas where communication can make the greatest impact and are critical for sustainable business success.

Our diverse and multiskilled team includes experienced market researchers, creative professionals and project managers with qualifications in psychology, sociology and marketing.



Location and contact

  • SA

    Contact person: Greg Knagge (CEO), Ben Nitschke (Strategy Director)
    Phone: 08 7325 6800

    L2 82 Waymouth St
    Adelaide SA 5000
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