Norling Consulting

Norling Consulting Pty Ltd has successfully operated as a Brisbane-based consultancy from 1998 to 2010 via Urban Economics, in which it held a 50% interest. On 1st July 2010 Norling Consulting Pty Ltd commenced trading in its own name, continuing to provide the range of services its client base has grown accustom to.

Our suite of services is designed to provide quality, objective, independent, informed and practical advice for business and property decision-making stages of urban and property development, from inputs to regional strategic planning and development strategies, to individual project feasibility and implementation strategies. We are passionate about exploring the ways in which we live within the urban environment, and translating these insights into implementable advice for our clients.

We are committed to delivering advice in which the team has conviction, founded on professional research and analysis, a multi-disciplined team of enthusiastic professionals and more than 30 years’ combined consulting experience of the Norling Consulting professional staff.

Based in Brisbane, Norling Consulting’s experience has naturally concentrated in the rapidly expanding Queensland and northern New South Wales’ markets. However, we have the capacity to provide consulting services throughout Australia and New Zealand, including the major markets of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and Auckland, as well as smaller regional centres.

Norling Consulting enjoys working either directly with a wide range of private and public sector clients in the provision of economic and market research services, or as a part of a larger team of professionals dedicated to delivering a more expansive suite of services to a client.



Location and contact

  • QLD

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0732360811

    L5 320 Adelaide St
    Brisbane QLD 4001
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