OmniCom Research Pty Ltd

OmniCom Research Pty Ltd is a privately owned and independent marketing and research consultancy founded by Omnia Holland in 1997.

OmniCom Research comprises consumer and marketing psychologists expert at the development of brand strategies, utilising ethnographic immersion, unique qualitative/quantitative grafting, state of the art concept testing.

OmniCom Research sets itself apart from other providers in three key areas:

The excellence of a boutique agency combined with the models of a global agency
Boutique servicing with provision of service through senior partners
World class models empirically validated
The best of both worlds – people and processes

2. Qualitative as well as Quantitative expertise within the same agency

Qualitative researchers qualified in psychology and marketing
Quantitative researchers qualified in statistics and modeling
The best of both worlds – seamless and accountable

3. Unparalleled research approaches engineered for digital application

Qualitative approaches engineered for digital application
Quantitative approaches engineered for digital application
The best of both worlds – qualitative research with quantitative numeracy



Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person: Omnia Holland
    Phone: 0396994500

    8 Easey St
    Collingwood VIC 3066
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