ORC International

ORC International is a leader in the art of business intelligence. Passionate about growing your business, we help you explore, navigate, and integrate insights creatively to uncover what truly engages people around the world. We combine quality data, smart synthesis and a best-in-class digital platform to deliver transformative business insights and strategies across our clients’ customers, employees, markets, and products.

Whether you are looking to expand market presence, understand employee perspectives, acquire new customers, or need decision-making support, our teams are passionate to see you succeed every day. We pride ourselves in not only providing the most relevant and impactful insight to address key business challenges, but also in becoming your trusted partner — helping guide your research initiatives to achieve the most optimal outcome.

Our mantra — Explore, Navigate, Integrate, and Grow — is our unique approach to how we work with our clients.

Since our founding in 1938, ORC International (formerly Opinion Research Corporation) has innovatively built a continual expansion of methods, business issues, and industry expertise, technologies, capabilities, and insights. We are a privately held company with a rich history of growth both organically and through acquisition.


Website: http://www.orcinternational.com.au

Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person: Craig Young, Tony Salvage, Wendy McInnes, Marzena Zabielska, or Simon Ferris.
    Phone: 0399355700
    Email: answers@orcinternational.com

    L8, 171 La Trobe St
    Melbourne VIC 3000
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