Leading the way
The Online Research Unit has been leading the way in robust data collection and panel management systems since 1999. Research agencies, universities, corporations and government clients have come to rely on us for our ISO-accredited research panels, giving them access to more than 350,000 consumers and 30,000 businesses.
Based in Australia, our experienced team has a proven track record in delivering robust and dependable data. From panel recruitment, panel management and survey execution to sampling and data processing – we pride ourselves on setting the industry standard in research best practice.
End-to-end quality
We take independent accreditation very seriously and currently hold ISO 20252 ‘Market, opinion and social research’ and ISO 26362 – ‘Access panels in market, opinion and social research’ status.
The ORU are members of AMSRO and proudly qualify to wear the AMSRO trustmark, demonstrating our commitment to the highest privacy and ethical standards.

The ORU is owned by STW Communications (ASX:SGN), Australasia’s leading marketing content and communications services group.


Website: http://www.theoru.com

Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Sam Dier
    Phone: 0289229200
    Email: panels@theoru.com

    Ogilvy House L1, 72 Christie St
    St Leonards NSW 2065
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