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Louise Tracy has a Bachelor of Human Movement & Health Educations from the University of Sydney. She majored in Psychology & has continued her interest in this topic, & anything healthcare related, to date. Louise founded outlook research and planning in 1996. She began her research career at The Dangar Research Group, with the intention of using this starting point to leverage into Advertising.

After a while, Louise had decided she'd found her calling & then moved onto Kaleidoscope as an Account Director. During her time there, she set up a successful healthcare division, whilst maintaining her role on the consumer side of the business. She likes to share attention between healthcare & consumer projects as she finds it keeps her fresh about each.

Louise is frequently asked to speak at industry functions, at corporate events & meetings as well as sales conferences. Louise runs several in-house training programs on qualitative research, planning strategies & innovation. Louise's passion is for marketing & communications and she continues to evolve.


Website: http://www.outlookresearch.com.au

Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Louise Tracy
    Phone: 0417358128
    Email: louise@outlookresearch.com.au

    Unit 2 / 30-32 Middleton St
    Petersham NSW 2049
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