Perth Market Research

Perth Market Research is a Western Australian based market research business that is committed to providing cost-effective research options and surveys for small and medium business or companies, local government authorities and government agencies. We undertake both qualitative and quantitative research.

Employing a range of different methods we are able to recommend the most appropriate type of survey for your information needs and budget. Perth Market Research will also utilise methodologies that will ensure your results will be unbiased and reliable.

Whether you need to better understand your target market, increase sales, evaluate the satisfaction of your client base or stakeholders, research a new product or service, or any of a range of other things - call us for an obligation-free plan and quote. Even if you don't proceed with our services you will still have a good understanding of what research you can conduct to help your organisation and how to achieve it.

Perth Market Research has the experience, resources and technical expertise needed to source the information that will help your organisation in a reliable and unbiased manner. Using stringent market research quality guidelines we ensure that the data we collect will provide as accurate a picture of the desired population as possible.

We are willing to undertake as much of the survey process as you need. If all you need is a survey designed, data collected via field services or data analysed, we can do as much or as little as you would like.

Our methods include:

  • Online surveys - we are able to create and host surveys for clients in an online format. Clients are able to invite their own respondents to undertake these surveys or rely on us to collect the data.
  • Telephone surveys - Responses can be gathered throughout the Perth Metropolitan area, Western Australia, Australia or overseas depending on the scope of your project.
  • Intercept surveys - Our interviewers will collect responses from the general population throughout the Perth metropolitan area and select locations in Western Australia.
  • Focus groups - We are able to recruit and facilitate focus groups in Perth and throughout Western Australia based on client needs.
  • Mystery shopping - Our mystery shoppers are able to visit and evaluate shops throughout the Perth metropolitan area and select locations in regional Western Australia.
  • Secondary data research - Our researchers are able to conduct research and collate information from data sources across the web and other literature.
  • Community consultation - We are experienced in conducting consultations across communities of a variety of sizes including local government authorities, community stakeholders and other communities.
  • Other research - We are able to use a variety of methods to conduct research and surveys for business, companies, community organisations, government and local government. We conduct satisfaction surveys, social research, community consultation and needs analysis, competitor evaluation, new product and services analysis, tracking studies, performance evaluation, secondary data research, industry analysis, sporting and community event evaluation and web and online data analysis.

Please call our office on (08) 9336 7989 or email at for further information.



Location and contact

  • WA

    Contact person: Ian McKenzie
    Phone: 0893367989

    103 Solomon St
    Fremantle WA 6160
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