Piazza Research

Piazza Research is an Australian owned market and social research firm, assisting private and public enterprise to improve their marketing, service delivery and general business performance.

Our team of consultants are specialists in a variety of market and social research areas. This allows us to provide a very wide range of specialist research and strategy solutions for your business whether it is a commercial enterprise, government body or a community not-for-profit organisation.

Piazza Research abides by several strict quality control measures, industry standards and codes of conduct to ensure a professional result every time. Our flexible, communicative and solutions-focused approach guarantees a smooth project experience and an effective result for our clients.


Website: http://www.piazzaresearch.com.au

Locations and contact

  • ACT

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0262824963

    U7 13-19 Botany St
    Phillip ACT 2606
  • NSW

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0299550211

    L21 201 Miller St
    North Sydney NSW 2060
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