Point Blanc Marketing

Why we are in business

At Pointblanc our purpose is to create customers for our clients.
To create a customer you must sell to them.
You can only sell to people who are attracted to you.
You can only attract people when you know what motivates them.
So, in short, we find out what motivates people to buy from you so we can turn them into customers so you can make money. Knowing your customers motivations sets you on the path to growing profits through better salesmanship and better marketing.

Our Difference
We defy convention by advising clients not to chase customers. Our research and our thinking allows clients to turn the tables and make the customers chase you.

What we do

We make a difference

Understanding consumers like no one else

recommending actions that will create customers

grow your sales and profit


Website: http://www.pointblanc.com.au

Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person: Chris Kimberley
    Phone: 0417771577
    Email: chris@pointblanc.com.au

    Melbourne VIC 3000
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