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Polity is a social research consultancy specialising in stakeholder connection and advocacy management. Our research-based insights provide clients with a clear understanding of stakeholder perceptions, issues and expectations, and enable them to deliver effective response options.

Polity’s stakeholder engagement and advocacy consulting is built on the well-tested premise of Shared Value: the only useful and sustainable outcome is one that is win-win for all stakeholder parties.

Our research and strategic analysis approach is based on contemporary knowledge and models from Communication and Framing Theory and Behavioural Economics. Advances in social and neurological sciences have developed a strong understanding of the human cognitive process, which best-practice research now incorporates into both fieldwork input and analysis output.

Polity is a full service, boutique research consultancy, offering contemporary qual and quant expertise to deliver:

Deep understanding of stakeholders and the most effective engagement responses

Clear understanding of existing audience perceptions and most ‘motivating’ frames for messaging and communication strategies
Research evidence to support advocacy initiatives and media or government relations

Communication and Framing Theory workshops – for communication teams

Polity was founded by Darryl Nelson, who has more than 20 years media and research consulting experience across corporate and public sectors. Formerly managing partner with social research consultancy Auspoll and senior consultant with B2B consultancy Frost & Sullivan Australia, Darryl’s research-based insights have informed decision making across all sectors, from corporate to government to not-for-profit organisations.

Darryl is a full member of the Australian Market & Social Research Association (AMSRS)

Our Consulting Experience

Darryl is highly experienced in researching all strata of stakeholders, from C-level execs to employees, from specific communities (e.g. members) to general public. With a background as an industry analyst and social research analyst, Darryl understands both business and public agendas, and is uniquely placed to help organisations drive and create shared value outcomes.

He has an honours degree in Communication Theory from London Guildhall University and is currently undertaking his PhD in Framing Theory at UTS in Sydney


Website: http://www.polityresearch.com.au

Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Darryl Nelson

    S8 285a Crown St
    Sydney NSW 2010
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