About Pollinate

We follow the strategic planning cycle in all our work. We are experts in qualitative and quantitative techniques, both the tried-and-tested variety and the more creative and innovative. Everything we do is geared towards understanding influence and how to harness the power of the most influential people.

How We Do It

Innovations and communications are the core of what we do because they are the basis of most profound change: be it repositioning the brand, paradigm shifting innovations or developing communications. However, we work for a wide variety of clients with a wide range of budgets, so we are capable of just about any research.

Everything we do is based on understanding influence, and this is reflected in our areas of expertise.

We're good at strategic work. Most of our work leads to significant commercial decisions. We don’t do much ‘cookie-cutter’ research.

Identifying influence

We have unparalleled expertise in working with influential consumers from idea generation to commercialisation and a set of proven proprietary research approaches that are the backbone of most of our work.

Co-creation workshops

Blue-sky idea generation with über-Influential consumers and client experts to generate a wide range of ideas or concepts that are grounded in consumer needs (we don’t do ‘bland’ extensions).

Pollination sessions

3-hour sessions including multiple groups of Influential consumers that can be used to identify and refine the ‘winner’ amongst a variety of concepts, or to develop a communications campaign that will maximise the effectiveness of the NPD launch strategy.


A blend of quantitative and qualitative techniques to separate the wheat from the chaff and quantify the concept potential. A predictive measure not a meaningless ‘norm’.


Website: http://www.pollinate.com.au

Locations and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Howard Parry-Husbands
    Phone: 0293567500
    Email: howard@pollinate.com.au

    5/60 Reservoir St
    Surry Hills NSW 2010
  • VIC

    Contact person: Howard Parry-Husbands
    Phone: 0293567500
    Email: howard@pollinate.com.au

    The Commons, 3 Albert Coates Lane
    Melbourne VIC 3000
  • ACT

    Contact person: Howard Parry-Husbands
    Phone: 0261403403
    Email: info@pollinate.com.au

    Unit 3, Building 2, 1 Dairy Rd
    Fyshwick ACT 2609
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