Everything Potentiate achieves is because of the vision, culture and passion of our people.

With our 20+ year history of working with data our foundation is solid. From this base we have added people from a range of backgrounds and expertise to create a culture where innovation thrives, challenge is encouraged and everyone knows that they can make a difference.

Using an array of global experience, clever thinking and amazing proprietary technology, Potentiate sets about to change things for our clients. We challenge traditional practices and apply our energy and experience to help our clients achieve their goals for a better understanding of their customers, business growth and greater efficiency. New technology sits at our core and our team of creative problem solvers just won’t accept that solutions can’t be found for any of the issues raised by our clients.

We are inspired by our clients’ success and enjoy contributing to it.

Expert Connections

The Potentiate business model incorporates access to a range of independent individuals and groups who bring expertise which adds to and complements Potentiate services and products. These experts bring global experience across many categories and brands and their services can be incorporated into Potentiate services.


Website: http://www.potentiateglobal.com

Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Henry Cheang
    Phone: 0294374200
    Email: info@potentiateglobal.com

    347-351 Pacific Hwy
    Artarmon NSW 2064
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