Power Stats

Power Stats will deliver everything you expect from a leading consultancy firm. Do you need to conduct exploratory market research; need to have data expertly analysed or wish to have a survey professionally set up and launched? Or do you need research to justify or disprove a proposition under consideration by senior management?

Power Stats is able to help and we will bring to the project our unique blend of experience and expertise. Our point of difference compared to other consultancies is that when it comes to your information needs, we think more creatively and holistically.

We don’t see data analysis, data collection or a complete market research project as the end product. We see these tasks as what they really are – pieces of a larger puzzle.

We think beyond the task at hand and consider the ultimate use of the insights. This philosophy plays a key role in the way we design a study, analyse the data, report the findings and ultimately in the way we create “link points” so that our work can be “plugged” into a larger information system.

At Power Stats, we guarantee that our client’s information needs will be answered using the optimal approach and statistical techniques. We establish a partnership with our clients by carefully listening to their perspectives, understanding their challenges and developing the most practical and effective approach to solving their problem(s).

Every project, large or small, is supervised by Ricardo Maldonado (Accredited Statistician), founder and principal statistician at Power Stats. Ricardo is assisted by a team of experienced statisticians, programmers, data analysts and market researchers.


Website: http://www.powerstats.com.au/

Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0298040271
    Email: enquiries@powerstats.com.au

    SEB, 1075 Victoria Rd
    West Ryde NSW 2114
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