Prospection is a healthcare consulting company with commercial, IT and clinical capabilities. Our unique cross functional approach allows us to understand our client’s problems then design and deliver outstanding solutions.

Our clients are in the pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare sectors and we currently work with over 30 of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Australia.

Our consulting work includes commercial consulting analysis, data platforms, business intelligence, and sales and marketing effectiveness.

Prospection was founded in 2009 by Dr Peter Cronin and Eric Chung. Our goal was to develop innovative healthcare solutions by combining our healthcare IT expertise. We are an Australian company based in Sydney at the National Innovation Centre.

Our flagship platform PharmDash has been conceived, designed and developed entirely in-house. Since its launch in July 2012 we have rapidly become the market leader in the analysis of pharmaceutical script data. We have broad expertise across over twenty therapy areas with small, medium and large originator pharmaceutical clients.

Our aim is to deliver innovative solutions that provide meaningful results to our clients, and hopefully flow through ultimately to better patient outcomes.

Prospection Team

We have a growing team of in-house developers, and healthcare consultants that work on client bespoke solutions, and ongoing product development of our platforms.



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Tim Jennings
    Phone: 0292094035

    SE145, National Innovation Centre Australian Technology Park, 4 Cornwallis St
    Eveleigh NSW 2015
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