QAI Consulting

Information and insights should empower management to ask harder questions and push their understanding further.

Information should work for you, not against you

Corporate Australia is overwhelmed by information – and decision-making is often made more complex by reams of data with summaries masquerading as insights.

We believe it is the role of the researcher to present results so the conclusions are easily understood.

Market research data should also be more accessible - rather than separating management from the data, the two must be bought closer via current technologies that allow the data to be interrogated and graphically presented in real time.

QAI Consulting will ensure information about your business works for you, not against you.

QAI Consulting represents a team of highly qualified market research and technology professionals who are firmly aligned with corporate business needs.

QAI understands the realities of business today. Questions need to be answered but it is the meaning behind the answers and the impact of this on the business that is critical to management.

The principal researcher of QAI Consulting is Peter Harrington who has over 30 years' experience in market research from a research agency (supplier), corporate client (buyer) and marketing/advertising (user) perspective.

He is uniquely placed to understand what Australian business really needs from market research.

Peter Harrington Director

Peter's experience in qualitative and quantitative research both as a consultant and as a client has given him a breadth of understanding for the optimal use of research to assist in the achievement of business goals.

A particular strength is his ability to identify what businesses need to know - what issues need answers and what questions need to be asked to achieve the objective.

He is also skilled at communicating market research results in a crisp, actionable manner allowing management at all levels to understand the outcomes, engage with the market and develop strategic responses.

Before founding QAI, Peter was with ANOP Research Services for five years including three years as Managing Director. Prior to joining ANOP Peter spent seven years with Westpac Banking Corporation as Head of Market Intelligence before moving to an advertising and communications role in the bank. From 1982 to 1998 he worked in market research consulting, public relations and management consulting with leading Australian agencies.



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  • NSW

    Contact person: Peter Harrington
    Phone: 0298770970

    Sydney NSW 2000
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