Quality Online Research

QOR is a leading online fieldwork company established in 2009. We are experts in conducting SME and Consumer online research.

We have extensive experience in managing and sampling online tracking and ad hoc surveys. Our clients include both public and private sector organisations, management consultants, academics and many leading social & marketing research consultants.  We have extensive experience in managing online social research, market research and customer research, and we work directly and closely with end user organisations or through their partner insights agencies.

QOR’s resources are in-house and located in Sydney Australia. Our survey software is locally designed, developed, server hosted and supported in Sydney NSW, specifically for the Australian market.


Website: http://www.qor.com.au

Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Steven Davies, General Manager, Adam Fine, Strategic Director
    Phone: 0294182824
    Email: steven.davies@qor.com.au, adam.fine@qor.com.au

    10/33 Ryde Rd
    Pymble NSW 2073
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