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A bit about 'rapture'

'Rapture' is laden with meaning. It's an emotionally dense word that has quite a bit of spiritual significance to it as well. The World English Dictionary says it is-

1. the state of mind resulting from feelings of high emotion;
2. an expression of ecstatic joy;
3. the act of transporting a person from one sphere of existence to another.

For us rapture is about rising above the mundane into something special. It's a reminder that people's hearts are often more important in their decision making than their heads - even in business markets. Rapture promises an elevated experience and a better state of being. It's definitely a state we aspire to when we go about our work. Here's what the word meant to one person who was talking about a brand he had a recent experience with - "So that totally changed my opinion of them. I had written them off but...I mean I'm really RAPT with them".

We want as many brands and businesses as possible to benefit from being rapt by consumers.

A bit about Donna Bonde

Donna Bonde, Director Rapture Consulting
Donna set up Rapture Consulting because she wanted to pioneer ways and means of researching consumers and improve the quality of insights gained from consumer research. In her 11 years working as a qualitative researcher she's found that businesses and brands often underestimate how much they can learn from consumers and fail to dig deep enough to uncover insights that can really make a difference in their markets.

Donna is a member of the Association for Consumer Research and also has a 10 year background in psychology, having learned, taught, and practiced psychology in education centers all over Australia. This also included leading a 3 year psychology PhD research program into measuring and changing public attitudes at James Cook University.

Prior to heading up Rapture Consulting, Donna managed qualitative research projects in agencies like ORIMA Research, Lewers Research and The Leading Edge where she worked with clients from both the private and public sector.

Currently she is penning a book on everything she's learned about the consumer insights business.

Donna chooses to base herself in Brisbane, Australia. She adores Queensland and adores consumer research and considers them to be a match made in heaven.


Website: http://www.raptureconsulting.com

Location and contact

  • QLD

    Contact person: Donna Bonde
    Phone: 0407534424
    Email: donna@raptureconsulting.com

    16 Hamilton Pl
    Bowen Hill QLD 4006
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