Real Ethno - Nick Agafonoff (ethnographer)

RealEthno builds deep empathy with users and consumers to generate compelling qualitative insights for marketers, advertisers and designers. Our work is wide ranging and includes stakeholder, shopper and U&A studies, brand equity and positioning work, advertising testing, communication strategy, NPD, innovation and design projects. We also specialise in future research using our unique research design – Anthropate.

We are dedicated subcontractors to research, strategy and design agencies, as well as independent consultants who service direct clients.

We work across many different categories and sectors, including government, corporate and not-for-profit.
We are known for our expertise in ethnography with a growing reputation as a supplier of bespoke qualitative and online research services.
We apply both anthropological and psychological thinking with rigor to build a 360° understanding of users and consumers.
We possess a toolkit of tried and tested qualitative insight technologies developed over the course of many years and many projects.
We do group discussions, in-depth interviews, real world immersions, online forums, netnography, as well as ideational workshops and semiotic analysis.
We produce high quality research videos and ethnographic films.
We tailor our services and costs to whatever the budgetary needs of a project.
We have established suppliers across recruitment, research, filmmaking and digital domains.
We are known for our depth of insight, thoughtfulness, reliability and creative outputs.
We relish a challenge, no matter how big or how small.



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Nick Agafonoff
    Phone: 0280016227

    98 Glebe Point Rd
    Glebe NSW 2037
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