Reality Check Research

Reality Check is a specialist research consultancy that has run Australia's most extensive weekly syndicated research program since 2001.

Leading Australian marketers and advertisers regularly tap into our unique combination of face to face group and online community discussions.

The program is used flexibly to meet varying client needs, throughout all stages of the marketing process, with a particular specialisation in communications-related projects.

Benefits of Reality Check

The ongoing program provides our clients with:

Robust, large scale qualitative samples – generating both targeted and strategic insights.
Flexibility, with 7 key life-stage segments (18 - 60+), fast turnaround times-year round (49 weeks a year).
Diagnostic research tools, to help develop and maximize effective marketing strategies.
Ongoing opportunities to better understand consumer response, segment nuances.
Dynamic, energetic research that is adaptable to variable needs e.g. help with unraveling quantitative measures, challenging response issues, segment / market health checks etc.
A fraction of the cost of standard qualitative approaches.



Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person: Moira Callard
    Phone: 0398239222

    L1 32 Garden St
    South Yarra VIC 3141
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